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Look Out for These 5 Common Signs of Air Conditioning Issues

air conditioning issues

Air conditioning wear is unavoidable, meaning the need for air conditioning repairs is unavoidable. But while you can't get past the inevitable repairs, you can lower their cost by calling for them sooner rather than later.

To get a jump on your air conditioning repairs, just look for the signs of air conditioning issues so you know exactly when to schedule them. Not sure what those signs are? Not to worry: Just read our quick guide to learn five of the common signs of air conditioning issues.

Grinding Sounds

Worn-down mechanical parts in your air conditioning unit can begin to grate against each other, causing grinding sounds. If your air conditioning unit is being particularly noisy, call for an air conditioning repair.

Increased Energy Bills

If you can't seem to get a hold of your energy bills no matter what, your air conditioning might be the culprit. A damaged A/C unit works inefficiently, and an inefficient A/C unit will have to work twice as hard and, thus, cost twice as much as one in good condition.

Weak Air Circulation

A noticeable and frustrating sign that your air conditioning unit is suffering, poor air circulation makes itself known quickly and uncomfortably. If you can barely feel any air circulation even with your hand right up to your vents, you need an air conditioning repair today.

Inconsistent Cooling

Do you ever notice that some rooms in your home are nice and cool while others are a little too warm for your liking? If you have, then you have air conditioning problems -- most likely breakages in the ductwork. When inconsistent cooling occurs, call for an air conditioning repair.

Moisture Around Your A/C Unit

If your air conditioning unit's freon line breaks, the freon will likely pool around the base of the unit, creating an obvious (and unhealthy) sign of air conditioning problems. The moment you see moisture around your A/C unit, call for an air conditioning repair.

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